Start with Story

If you want to lose your audience, focus on facts and figures and a dry delivery. If you want to engage minds, set hearts afire and get people to sit up, take notice and act, you need story.

You communicate every day. We help you communicate better by starting with story.

You have something valuable to share. The problem is that it’s not always easy to get your message across in a clear and compelling manner.

Start with Story can help you connect with the people you want to reach and make an impact – in person, on stage, online or in writing – using a mix of practical skills and of course, by starting with the story behind your message.

Tell stories

Learn how to use stories, narrative and metaphor to engage and inform

Give presentations

Build the skills you need to deliver an impactful presentation

Speak in public

You have something to say. People want to hear it. Learn how to speak like a pro.

Pitch an idea

Learn and use the 6 essential elements in the perfect pitch.

Speak to the media

Your discoveries don’t need to lurk in lecture halls and academic journals.

Work across cultures

Develop cultural intelligence to help you work well in cross-cultural environments

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Workshops, coaching and webinars

Start with Story offers workshops, talks, webinars, one-to-one coaching and consulting to help you communicate and connect with your audience, whoever and wherever they are.

As our name implies, our starting point is often the story or the narrative BEHIND the facts and figures. From there, we can help you craft your story into a powerful presentation, pitch, proposal, conversation or talk and then build the skills you need deliver your message – with impact.

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