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We believe that the world can be a better place.

Individuals, organisations and businesses across the globe are making changes that are making a difference. We help them tell their story.

Communicating Sustainability

Start with Story is a communication agency.

We work with people, businesses and individuals who are doing their bit to change the world for the better, helping them craft and share their messages with international audiences, in English.

We’re known for being communication polymaths with a passion for environmental and social sustainability and storytelling, and we specialise in different but connected areas of communication.

Marketing Communication

If you tap into our marketing communication expertise, you’ll find that we can help you plan a strategy, run a campaign, build a brand, design print materials, create a website, sort out your social media, craft compelling content, help you tell your best story, manage your online and offline content marketing strategy, manage projects, and come up with good ideas.

Creating Compelling Content

If you’re having trouble articulating what you want to say, we can pick your brains and help you turn your ideas into compelling content that draws audiences into your world. Whether you need help crafting content for an article, a paper, your website, a speech or presentation, for your online channels or for something completely different, we’re the people who can help.

Presentation & Speaking Skills

If you need to stand in front of an audience and present an idea, or talk about a new initiative, you might find our presentation planning and design services of use, where we combine our marketing know-how, storytelling skills and creative brains to help you craft engaging content. If you’re not feeling confident about your ability to present – either because of nerves, lack of experience or simply because you want to improve your technique, we offer presentation skills and public speaking workshops as well as personalised coaching.

Cross-cultural Communication

If you work in an environment where you never need to interact with anyone from another country, town, village or company, then building cross-cultural awareness may not be of interest. If, on the other hand, you work internationally, or work in a diverse team, or are planning to move to a new country for work, or are an expat or “trailing spouse” struggling to settle into your new home-away-from-home, you might find our cross-cultural talks and workshops, relocation training, “Working with people from…” programmes, and expat or “trailing spouse” coaching useful.

About Start with Story

Start with Story was founded in 2017 by Suzanne Whitby who wanted to bring different areas of communication together and use them to help individuals, businesses and organisations communicate sustainability and positive change better.

Rather than separating different aspects of communication into “islands”, each managed separately , she designed a sustainability communications firm that brings marketing communication, interpersonal communication and intercultural communication together into one place to create communication solutions that are  easier to understand, more compelling and clearer for international audiences – international audiences, because sustainability affects us all.

And because English is the dominant common language in international circles, she decided to offer these services in English.

Suzanne Whitby

Suzanne is a communication specialist with 20+ years of practical experience working with communication for clients worldwide.

Prior to Start with Story, she ran her own successful creative agency for 14 years, and in parallel, a communication consultancy for 8 of those years.  In 2010, she took her love of crafting content and speaking in public in a direction and became an oral storyteller – to her astonishment, her storytelling “career” continues to grow and give pleasure to an international fan-base to this day!

Suzanne is South African, has lived and worked all over the world and is now based in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria. She speaks English, an unusual-but-fluent form of Tirolean German, basic Italian and a smattering of Zulu and Afrikaans. She is constantly seeking out ways to live a more sustainable life and tread “lightly” on the earth.

She has a BA in Humanities from The Open University in the UK, where she studied English, Anthropology and Philosophy, a diploma in English language studies, and countless diplomas and certifications in a variety of subjects that she believes contribute to her particular worldview.

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