I’m a sustainability communications professional. I help people communicate sustainability clearly, concisely and consistently to international audiences in English.

My name is Suzanne Whitby and I founded Start with Story in 2017 to help individuals, organisations and businesses in the sustainability sector communicate better with international audiences.

I am first and foremost an expert in communication and I have strong background in and deep understanding of traditional marketing, online and social media marketing; content research and writing, creative communication (branding, design, visual), storytelling, new technologies, project management, presentations, speaking and intercultural communication.

I work exclusively with people who are doing what I call “good work” for people and planet, contributing towards a more sustainable world.

Why the focus on “sustainability communications”?

Good question. Sustainability is a subject close to my heart. I’m well-read and knowledgeable about the aspects of sustainability that interest me, and I talk about sustainability often and lucidly. I run occasional awareness raising events, and start initiatives to make sustainability accessible to other people.

The thing is…

I am not an academic or engineer or an environmentalist or an expert in any aspect of sustainability. I don’t have the credentials to become a sustainability champion in any meaningful way.

I am, however, an exceptional communicator, marketing professional, writer, trainer and coach, with a good 20 years of experience and expertise in helping people communicate difficult messages to international audiences.

So rather than try to become a sustainability champion, my mission is to help sustainability champions become compelling communicators, reach more people and perhaps even change the world.

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A bit about me

I am a communication specialist with 20+ years of practical experience working with communication for clients worldwide.

Prior to founding Start with Story, I ran my own successful integrated agency with offices in the UK, USA and South Africa for 14 years. In parallel, I started a communication training firm, offering presentation skills training and cross-cultural training, which thrived for 8 of those years.  In 2010, I took my love of crafting content and speaking in public in a new direction and became an oral storyteller – to my astonishment, my storytelling “career” continues to grow and give pleasure to an international fan-base to this day.

Back in the dark ages, before I decided to open my first business, I worked in the corporate world for a number of years, first as a self-taught programmer, then as a project manager and finally as an account manager, managing international teams and taking responsibility for project branding and communication when no one else would.

I am South African, have lived and worked all over the world and now divide my time between my homes in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria and vibrant Johannesburg, South Africa. My native language is English but I also speak an unusual-but-fluent form of Tirolean German, basic Italian and a smattering of Zulu and Afrikaans. I am an avid reader, community builder, fish-hugger and chilli lover with an insatiable curiosity about all things. I am constantly seeking out ways to live a more sustainable life – sometimes I succeed.

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