How we do it

We help brands, businesses, non-profits and social enterprises harness the power of storytelling using our simple, replicable three-step approach.

  • Finding the story that you want to tell
  • Crafting and refining your story for the right audience or channel
  • Telling (or sharing) your story with the world

Find, craft, tell

Our approach to helping brands, businesses,  non-profits and social enterprises harness the power of storytelling.

Find your story

As storytellers, one of the questions we get asked the most is “Where can we find our stories?”

The answer is: we start by deciding why we want to tell a story and to whom, and then we collect stories through conversation and research.

That’s exactly how we’ll work with you to uncover your stories.

First, we’ll take the time to understand your reasons for wanting to tell stories, who you want to reach and why.

Then we’ll help you to uncover suitable stories about your business, non-profit or cause that will resonate with your audience.

Craft your story

Once we’ve found your story or stories, the work has just begun.

Not all stories appear perfectly formed and ready to tell, so we help you polish your stories, making them clear, concise and impactful.
Why? Because it’s not enough to simply have a story.

Your story must be relevant for your audience and when you tell it, it needs to resonate with the people you want to reach.

One story might need to be told or share through many different channels and we’ll tailor your story so that it sounds right in whatever format you choose to use.

Tell your story

This is where things get exciting. We’ll take your story or stories and help you share them in all the right places. In our ever-changing world, t’s important to be able to tell your story effectively across a wide range of channels, from digital platforms like websites, presentations and social media sites, to more traditional channels like signs, brochures, books and print media.

And of course, there is the time-honoured tradition of telling your story orally, to a group of real, “live” people.

We’ll bring our mix of creative, business, digital and storytelling expertise to the fore to help you tell your story in the right way for the right audience.

Intrigued? Let’s talk.

What you have to say deserves to be heard. Let me help you find and tell your story in the right way, to the right people.

Get in touch to tell me a bit about you, and we’ll schedule a time to speak.

Core Competencies

Everything that we do is about helping you find, craft and tell you most powerful stories to inform, influence and drive change. In order to do that, however, we draw on our pool of core competencies in storytelling; planning, strategy and management; content marketing; digital and social media; creative and design; and training and facilitation.



Story research
Story crafting & refining
Storytelling training
Multi-media stories

Planning, strategy & management

Marketing strategy
Content planning & strategy
Social media strategy
Content management
Social media management
Campaign management
Project management


Content Marketing

Content marketing
Content planning & strategy
Content writing
Copy editing
Multimedia content creation (in English)
Content management
Social media content creation


Websites, WordPress & CMS
Website & blog management
Website training & support
Search engine optimisation
Social media management
Email newsletters
Explainer videos


Branding & identity
Graphic design & artwork
Logo design
Brochure / flyer / poster design
Custom illustration & infographics
Image editing
Presentation design
Email newsletters
Explainer videos


Training & coaching

Presentation skills training
Public speaking training
Intercultural intelligence training
Storytelling training
Coaching & support

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