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Making presentations “sticky” with stories

Using stories to explain and engage when presenting I love this story: Christopher Wren was a famous English architect and builder who lived from 1632-1723. Legend has it that he was walking past three stone cutters working on the rebuilding of St. Paul’s cathedral....

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Opening your presentation with a human touch

How you open your presentation can immediately engage your audience, or it can “turn them off” to whatever it is that you plan to share. If your opening is blank or boring or unclear, it can be difficult to recover and get the audience to join you on the journey...

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Storytelling: theatre for the mind

The most effective story that you can tell to inspire, persuade or inform ISN’T the one you tell to someone in your audience, it's the one the person tells himself. Consider this story that I heard from the wonderful, but late, Anthony De Mello: A man who took great...

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The stories that paralyse us

I was working with a rather brilliant physicist recently, helping him prepare a poster and a presentation for an up-coming conference. We had worked on his content, introducing engaging stories to introduce and contextualize the of facts and figures that his audience...

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The carrot and stick approach to climate change

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been doing research into climate change denial and it’s clear to me that part of the problem is that when we communicate the challenges of climate change, we forget to communicate the opportunities. There are so many opportunities, not...

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The invisible people on our streets

An encounter with a homeless man in New Orleans leaves me with a story that I occasionally tell and that always makes listeners rethink their assumptions about the invisible people on our streets.

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