Helping you communicate social and environmental sustainability to international audiences in English

As a sustainability communications specialist, I offer a unique blend of communication services that include traditional marketing, online & social media marketing, content writing, sustainability storytelling, presentation & public speaking skills training and cultural intelligence workshops on a one-off, project or retainer basis. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Email me at and who knows what might happen? 

Traditional Marketing & Communication

If you tap my marketing communication expertise, you’ll find that I can help you plan a strategy, run a campaign, build a brand, design print materials, create a website, sort out your social media, craft compelling content, help you tell your best story, manage your online and offline content marketing strategy, manage projects, and come up with good ideas.

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Online & Social Media Marketing

If you’re happy with your traditional marketing capabilities but need help with the online elements of your outreach, let me help you create a measurable online marketing strategy, implement your new website, set up and manage your social media campaigns, craft engaging blog posts, leverage the power of online press releases, and maintain your online presences.

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Creating Compelling Content

Compelling content is the cornerstone of any successful marketing or communication activity. If you’re having trouble articulating what you want to say, let me pick your brains and transform your ideas into compelling content that draws audiences into your world, using an easy-to-understand form of global English. Whether you need help crafting content for an article, a paper, your website, a speech or presentation, for your online channels or for something completely different, I can help.

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Business Storytelling

No, I’m not suggesting that you start your next communication campaign with “once upon a time…” Sharing information in the form of appropriate business stories, or using anecdotes and stories to bring an idea or concept to life, is something that the best leaders and communicators do naturally, and it’s a skill that can be learned. I bring my years of oral storytelling and business communication expertise together to help you uncover, refine and tell stories that will engage, motivate, inspire and drive action.

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Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

If you need to stand in front of an audience and present an idea, pitch a project or talk about a new initiative, you need to make sure that both your content and your delivery are perfect. I can help you plan your presentation, craft your content and teach you how to draw on your natural strengths to deliver a powerful speech or presentation, or you can learn how to do it yourself in one of my speaking workshops.

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Cultural Intelligence Workshops

On the surface, it may seem that your team, suppliers, clients and peers share the same ideals, values and beliefs. In reality, we all have different believes and value systems that hide “below the surface” and that can cause significant communication problems if ignored. I offer cultural intelligence assessments and seminars to help people understand their own set of values and those of others to improve communication, efficiency and performance.

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