Compelling International Communication

Are you fed up with marketing that fails to engage, intercultural misunderstandings, and presentations and talks that fall flat?

I help individuals and organisations communicate better with international audiences in English.

Based in Tirol, I am a content strategist and communication specialist with 20+ years of international experience, and a deep understanding of marketing communication, social media and digital, cross-cultural communication, public speaking and presenting.

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What’s communication?

If you want to introduce an idea, sell a product, teach a class, share research results, run meetings or lead a team, that’s communication.

If you write emails, letters or blog posts; create flyers; own a website; have conversations; give talks; participate in conference calls; or deliver presentations, you’re communicating.

The question is: how well are you communicating? Are you reaching the right people? Do they understand what you’re trying to say? Do your marketing and communications efforts engage people, drive action and get results?

If the answer is: “I’m not sure”, then let’s chat. I’m a communications specialist and I help people communicate clearly, concisely and consistently across all channels, using a global form of English that’s understood internationally.

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It all starts with a conversation. And the conversation starts with a story: yours.

If you think that a conversation about making your communication more compelling might be useful, let’s arrange a time to speak.

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